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Welcome to Cavnar Farms!

Bill, Vicki and I (Steph) are so happy you stopped by!  Here is a little bit about us...

Bill and I transitioned from the Air Force in 1992 to a small homestead near Washington, OK.  While we were both full time college students, we began to raise chickens and beef cattle for our table.  We've always had plenty of 'farm hands', as the kids were still young and not in school yet.  Over the years, we have raised the kids, some hogs and honey bees, peaches and blackberries on our little slice of heaven.  When Mom (Vicki) came to live with us, we talked Bill into trying sheep, but not just any sheep (because Bill refuses to shear), we got Royal White® hair sheep!  Vicki is a full-time active partner in the sheep venture and loves every minute of it.  She names the sheep and knows who's who when it comes time bring them in for the night.  Initially we purchased 9 Registered Royal White® Ewes and 1 Registered Ram in 2013, and now we have around 100 head grazing on our pasture.  We prefer to butcher our own but are limited by the moderate weather here in central Oklahoma.  

Our daughter Jamie, who lives in Cherokee, OK, has recently dipped her toe into the Registered Sheep venture and has 5 ewes on her property.  Her daughter, Aubrey (the adorable blonde in our pictures), has shown one of the ewes at the local and county level.  There were no other hair sheep contenders and they turned many heads at the show.

Raising a big garden and eating home preserved food all winter is another big part of what we do here and we love it!  Nothing tastes as good as a fresh from the vine fruit or veggie.   When anyone asks why we do what we do, we just say we like to eat good food and know where it comes from!  



Why we chose Royal White® Sheep

We chose Royal White® Sheep for several reasons!    First of all, they are 'hair sheep', which means that instead of wool they have hair.  In the spring instead of shearing, they just shed their winter coat, yay!  Since they do not make wool, their level of lanolin is less, which correlates to a milder flavor.  Another characteristic we found to be true is the ability to butcher older sheep and maintain a consistently excellent flavor.  They have good flocking instincts, are not too flighty and nervous, and have GREAT personalities.  This American breed was bred to be easy to take care of and easy to manage.  For more information about Royal White® Sheep, visit the Royal White® Sheep Association at

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