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In the Heart of Oklahoma

At Cavnar Farms it is our goal to make home grown lamb affordable for everyone. Whether you are looking to raise your own flock or take one home to fill your freezer, we're here for ewe!  Take a look around and let us know how we can help get your sheep dream started!

Fall is finally here and that means cooler temperatures and rainfall here in our great state!  Here is an update from our little slice of Heaven...

  The pastures have been over-seeded for grazing with a mix of winter wheat, turnips and Austrian Peas.  We've even thrown in a little buckwheat for the bees to have snack! The rain and cooler temps make the afternoons spent cleaning out the barn bearable.  

We are currently making room for our fall lambing, we have 30 ewes that are due any day now.  Lambing is the most exciting time for us!  Guessing how many babies we'll have waiting on us on the trip to the barn is always a fun game!  Other than getting the hay moved in and finishing the stalls, we're ready.  

We decided to keep the spring ram lambs to finish them by grazing. They are really looking nice! Should be ready for delivery to your butcher shop between November and January. We did register some for breed stock, if you are interested give us a shout.

We've dolled up the breeding girls and put them in with the rams to be courted.  They should be expecting in February.

Bill is perfecting his recipe for cured and smoked legs and loin rolls! LAMB HAM, yum!

A-Tisket, A-Tasket, she's the size of a basket!

Hmmm, that's not momma!

Call or email Steph at 405-641-4764    stephc@okgrazers.com